Apologies for my absence of late, been hard at work at my new studio and getting ready to record again with Paradigm Complex.

I'm working as lead artist at a UK games studio on an epic project called Digital Adaptations; we're taking the world's greatest stories and re-designing them as experiences on gaming platforms... It's a blast.

The first title, due for release in 2012, is Scottish author John Buchan's novel 'The Thirty-Nine Steps'. It's a pretty famous piece of work, having been made into about a thousand films (the 1935 Hitchcock version being ranked as the 21st greatest British film of all time). As an artist this is a flipping dream come true - I'm designing and painting all the environments, and getting to work with a ridiculously talented team.

Go check out the site here

Follow our twitter feed at @StoryMechanics.

The twitter feed is going to be updated continuously throughout the first title's production, so you'll get way more info into a game's creation than most studios release, as well as sketches and thoughts from myself and the rest of the team.

Here are a couple of concept images I painted for other titles: